Keycloak DevDay 2024

22 Feb Frankfurt, Germany 9am - 5pm
The Community Class Reunion for
Keycloak Developers

About Keycloak DevDay

Keycloak is an awesome open source identity and access management solution driven by a huge community and with strong support from Red Hat. The Keycloak Developer Day invites everyone involved using Keycloak to provide its value to customers and employees in using digital products and services! Meet maintainers, extension-developers, operators and others to talk about Keycloak a full day!

Why Join Us

  • Meet maintainers of Keycloak
  • Meet other developers extending Keycloak
  • Discover best-practices for operating Keycloak
  • Learn from others using Keycloak
  • Grow your Keycloak related network
  • Free amazing Keycloak DevDay T-Shirt!


We are delighted to be able to present you with a high-quality speaker line-up consisting of leading Keycloak developers, maintainers & experts.
Alexander Schwartz
Alexander Schwartz
Principal Software Engineer
Red Hat Inc.
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Thomas Darimont
Thomas Darimont
Principal Consultant
codecentric AG
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Niko Köbler
Niko Köbler
Keycloak Expert
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Sophie Tauchert
Sophie Tauchert
IT Security Engineer
Relaxdays GmbH
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Robert Bauer
Robert Bauer
Founder | Product Management
intension GmbH
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Sven-Torben Janus
Sven-Torben Janus
Principal Software Architect
Conciso GmbH
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GR Patil
GR Patil
Co-Founder | CEO
Phase Two Inc.
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8:00 - 9:00

Breakfast Reception

Main Area
Enjoy your arrival and have some coffee ☕️ and a small breakfast 🥐 if you like. Get ready to start into a Keycloakified day!

9:00 - 9:15

Welcome & Opening Note

Niko Köbler, Sebastian Rose
Main Area

9:15 - 10:00


What's next in Keycloak, the Open Source Identity and Access Management solution

Main Area
Adding authentication and authorization to your application landscape is the key to automate yourprocesses and enable new business capabilities. All of this requires APIs and services for administration and automation which only an Identity and Access Management solution can provide.
More than 10 years ago the Keycloak maintainers committed the first code to their repository. In the following years Keycloak built a growing community by offering a flexible Open Source IAM. You can use it both out of the box or extend it to fit your organization’s needs.
After presenting some of the highlights of the latest Keycloak release, this talk focuses on the advancements in OpenID Connect, as well as Keycloak’s pursuit for scalability, high availability and customizability via declarative user profiles.

10:15 - 11:00


Flexible Access Management with Keycloak and Open Policy Agent

Main Area
Explore the integration of Keycloak and Open Policy Agent (OPA) for dynamic access management. Keycloak's identity and access management capabilities and OPA's potent policy as code approach offer a flexible solution. The talk will showcase the integration of OPA with Keycloak and cover Keycloak's authentication flows, required actions, service access policies, and OPA's policy definition and enforcement mechanisms. Practical examples will demonstrate how to achieve fine-grained, context-aware access control in modern applications. Suitable for developers and architects.

Unlocking the Power of Keycloak: Best Practices for Extension Development

Chill-out Area
Keycloak ist eine leistungsstarke Open-Source-Identitäts- und Zugriffsverwaltungslösung, die bereits eine breite Palette von Funktionen bietet. Für viele Organisationen ist es jedoch unerlässlich, Keycloak anzupassen und zu erweitern, um ihre individuellen Authentifizierungs- und Autorisierungsanforderungen zu erfüllen. In dieser Präsentation werde ich meine Erfahrungen bei der Entwicklung und Pflege von zwei beliebten Keycloak-Erweiterungen teilen: Home IdP Discovery und Keycloak Restrict Client Auth. Wir werden Best Practices für die Entwicklung von Keycloak-Erweiterungen diskutieren. Außerdem werden wir unsere Tipps für das Testen, Debuggen und Bereitstellen von Keycloak-Erweiterungen teilen. Egal, ob du neu in Keycloak bist oder ein erfahrener Entwickler, diese Präsentation bietet wertvolle Einblicke, wie man durch effektive Entwicklungen von Erweiterungen die Power von Keycloak freisetzen kann.

11:15 - 11:45


Automating Keycloak configuration for compliance and agile development

Main Area
Configuring identity access management in a heavily microservice-based environment with multiple software development teams can be challenging. Once the configuration grows, it is difficult to keep it consistent and secure when changing it manually. Using the Keycloak admin API allows us to largely automate compliance checks, configuration updates and deployments between staging and production environments. The new OpenAPI spec has been very helpful in developing those automations in Rust, which I present in this talk.

Keycloak Extension Develpment with Testcontainers

Chill-out Area
Testing of Keycloak Extensions can be cumbersome at some point. How should you test them, without the need of mocking too much Keycloak internal objects!? At worst, you'll test your mocks, not your extension code Run your tests as integration tests against a hopefully available and proper configured Keycloak server in your environment? What about your friendly colleague who just reconfigured the realm?
For this purpose, I created the `testcontainers-keycloak` module for the Testcontainers project. Having a distinct Keycloak server in your environment, just for your (test-)purposes! Let's dig into this testing option in this session, how you can leverage the Keycloak testcontainer to get your extensions up and running in a short amount of time and also get a fast feedback on version changes! Also, let's discuss, what is the right or wrong level and intensity of testing Keycloak extensions! (spoiler: there is no right or wrong, it depends, like often)

11:45 - 13:00

Lunch Break

Main Area
Let's have some delicious food together.

13:00 - 13:45


Multi-Tenancy with Keycloak

Main Area
Keycloak is a mature Identity and Access Management (IAM) system that is highly extensible. The authors had the foresight to build Keycloak as a set of core Service Provider Interfaces (SPIs) that could allow most portions of the server to be extended or replaced. This enables Keycloak to focus on the core authentication and authorization protocol layers, while allowing developers to easily add and change functionality according to their requirements.
This talk presents keycloak-orgs, which extends the core Keycloak server with entities that model Organizations (tenants), and their related Members, Roles and Identity Providers. It is also an exemplary set of Keycloak extensions, which we will use in this talk to facilitate developers understanding of how to use the plugin architecture of Keycloak to solve problems not addressed by its core functionality.
We will demonstrate the creation and use of custom Authenticators, protocol mappers, REST resources, JPA entities, model providers, and others to show how it is possible to create integrated functionality with many aspects of the Keycloak core. In this, we present one solution to the common use case of multi-tenancy.

Keycloak durch die Identity Management Brille betrachtet

Chill-out Area
Keycloak kann weit mehr als Authentisierung, das ist klar. Auf der Webseite verspricht Keycloak, ein "Open Source Identity and Access Management" zu sein. Und Identity Management ist heute ein kritischer Aspekt jeder Unternehmung, egal ob durch die IT-Security oder die Datenschutz-Brille betrachtet. Deshalb wollen wir uns in diesem Talk verschiedene IAM-Szenarien anschauen, um zu verstehen, inwieweit Keycloak die Erwartungen erfüllt, oder ob es Bereiche gibt, die Nachhilfe benötigen, um den heutigen Anforderungen an IAM-Systeme gerecht zu werden.

14:00 - 16:45

Participant Driven

Unconference / Bring Your Own Topics / Discussions / Workshops

All Areas
Bring our own topics to discuss with and present to the other participants.

In a classic Unconference format, you will decide upon the content first, then build a quick schedule and finally present/discuss your topics.

Discussion: Meet the Maintainers of Keycloak

Workshop: Contrib Fest / Become a Contributor to the Keycloak project

16:45 - 17:00 / Open End

Closing Note, Feedback, Pizza 🍕 & Drinks

Niko Köbler, Sebastian Rose
Main Area
We want to thank YOU 🙏 for being part of the first German Keycloak DevDay and asking for your feedback.
Afterwards, we'll enjoy the end of the day with some Pizza & Drinks, with chats, further discussions, etc.

What's included?

  • 6+ talks from industry-leading speakers
  • Access to 2+ workshops
  • Amazing after-party
  • FREE drinks, refreshments, breakfast and lunch
  • FREE Keycloak DevDay T-Shirt



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